Letís face it many tires are just fine for everyday driving. You donít need to spend $1000.00 for a set of tires that have a big name brand. Car and driver did a tire test and many of the tires I thought were great tires didnít finish in the top 5. Granted this was a performance tire test but, it seems to carry over into the everyday tires too. Over the past few years I have tried out many of the tires from that list and found some pretty good tire for a lot less money. Sure we can get you any tire you want or we can get you a good and even great tire for less. Call, E-mail or stop in and let me know what tires you want and tell me about your driving habits. I am sure we can help!

We always offer free life time rotation and balance on all the tires we sell. Give us a try youíll be glad you did.

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