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We love older cars as much as we like the new styles. Why not keep your car if it runs well or needs a little bit of work? Do the smart thing and fix it! After all a few months of what you would pay in car payments could fix up your older driver like new. We can help you keep your car running like new by doing the regular 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 maintenance that you would pay much, much more for at a dealer. Oil changes, brakes, tune ups, timing belts, transmissions, Air conditioning (A/C), Radiators, Tires, engine work, suspension, engine rebuilds and major engine repairs like head gaskets, leaking seals and valve cover gaskets. And, when you bring in your car and we have it up on a lift we will always rotate the tires if needed and inspect your car for any leaks or damage. In other words I’ll treat your car as I would my own and keep it safe for you to operate. Smitty’s also wants to help you keep your car longer buy helping you choose the right car. A Pre-buy inspection for a used car is the smartest thing you can do to insure that you’re not buying someone else’s trouble and possibly adding thousands of dollars in repair costs to the price of a car. Always have a trained professional inspect any used car you are thinking of buying.

Get some work done while you wait for your car.

We have a wireless network for you to check your emails and a PC if you don’t have your laptop with you. Our waiting area is always clean, our customer bathroom clean and there’s always something playing on our TV that I like. Or you can sit on the porch and listen to the sounds of our shop and your car being repaired. Just don’t leave the porch with out a service advisor as our insurance does not allow or valued customer in the shop area with out one.

If hanging around a shop waiting for your car doesn’t seem like fun we’ll be more than happy to run your home if we’re going to have your car for more than an hour or two.

For our customers we’ll always try to have to parts on hand for your car if you are just having the oil changed. Most people have one car and we know you want your car back quickly. Come in and talk to me and after an inspection of your car we’ll order the parts and have them here when you want to bring in your car.

Some parts are just hard to find or they cost twice as much at the dealership. Smitty’s will always pass on our saving to our customers. After all we’re in the Auto care business not the parts business. So, If you have a little time and your car in not unsafe or needs a minor repair we’ll try and save you some money and save time by shopping around for the right part at the right price.

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