Engine Swaps

We do a lot of engine swaps here at Smittys. We can take your Supra and make it a twin turbo. We can make your muscle car live up to itsí name and make you classic car an everyday driver.

I donít care if you have a family SUV or a used BMW it may be cheaper and better for you to replace the engine or transmission instead of scraping the car for a new one. A onetime cost for an engine swap is often less than six (6) months of car payments. Call me and weíll see what we can do for you. Most engines we install come with a 6 month unlimited warranty for parts and labor. In other words we stand behind our product and our workmanship. And unlike many shops weíll even install an engine that you bring in. Of course we canít warranty the parts but, we still stand behind the work that is done.

We also offer full machine shop services and can even custom build a motor or freshen up the one thatís in your car now.

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