Get that old car out of your garage!

Let me help get your dream car out of the nightmare that is your wife, husband or neighbors complaining about that eyesore that was the project you bought to restore 5 years ago. Or if you are like me and have a car that you have had for many years and want it to look like the car you bought way back when bring in a picture..I won’t laugh if you don’t laugh at mine.

If you were like me before I started Smitty’s Garage… You have the heart but, not the time to run around and get your parts, put them on your car and then try to find a body shop that is going to work with you to make your car look as great as you want it to run?

Here at Smitty’s we’ll “get er done” so you can enjoy the thumbs ups and waves your car will bring you as you drive it down the block. Enjoy those cruise nights and Sunday morning drives that you loved as a kid or adult. Ask any true car guy or gal what’s better then driving the car of their dreams and enjoying it with their family or loved ones and most will have a blank stare and think back to burning rubber, the drive in or a race they won or lost.

So, bring it in or call us to get your ride rolling once again like it was way back in the day or update it with a what car people are calling a “restomode”… Old cars with 4 wheel disc brakes, 18 inch wheels and the creature comforts not yet installed in the old days. We can help you with either. The choice is yours!

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